The Science of Life

We believe that when it comes to your health and wellbeing, the whole is greater than the sum of your parts.

You are not just a heart. Or a kidney. Or a lung. You are a unique whole.

At Syntro-P Life we have reimaged a new way of creating a precise, predictive, preventative and personalised approach to ensuring your holistic health and optimal well-being.


Join our community today and become empowered on this journey called LIFE.

Syntro-P Life comprises Syntro-P Health Centres of Excellence and Syntro-P Wellbeing to ensure that every aspect of your mind and body work in unison.

the syntro-p life science

We understand that, at any given point our health and well-being is dependent

on the relationship between inflammation, autonomic dysregulation

and hormonal imbalance in our body. A relationship we have termed the

INFLANOME™. With cutting edge technology, our unique algorithms and holistc

approach, Syntro-P Life aims to keep the relationship between these three

systems balanced, so that you can live your best life.

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How this all works