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You are not just a heart. Or a kidney.
or a lung. You are a unique whole.

At Syntro-P Life we have reimagined the siloed approach to healthcare and wellbeing to one that is holistic, precise, predictive, preventative and personalised.

Join our community today and become empowered on this Journey called Life


Independent, multi-disciplinary, digitally enabled chronic disease management network of providers.

Fully integrated, science-based, affordable virtual
lifestyle programme.

Supportive health solutions to enhance the quality of life of the elderly.

Smart pharmacies that strengthen the relationship between the doctor, patient and pharmacy.

The Syntro-P
Life science

In our quest to reimagine health, we have taken time to understand WHY we get sick. We have discovered a life science that we coined the Inflanome®, which describes the delicate relationship between the three systems that is ultimately responsible for our health and wellbeing, immune system, autonomic nervous system , and hormonal system

Watch to understand the Life Science of WHY People get sick

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